Buying a home: what are the parameters to consider?

It’s well known, the Belgian has a brick in his belly. Many compatriots dream of having their own at home. And we can’t blame them. Owning your own home has become something of pension savings. This is an investment for life. But becoming a homeowner today is not as obvious as it used to be. In this case, many banks ask for capital. In practical terms, you must at least have the costs associated with buying your home. How much are we talking about and how do we put it together?

What are the costs?

The purchase of a home will result in additional costs: on the one hand the costs associated with the actual purchase of the house and on the other hand the costs of the mortgage.

Registration rights

Registration fees are a form of tax payable because you are buying a home. The amount of these registration fees will vary from region to region.
In Flanders the registration rights amount to 7%
In Brussels, there are no registration fees on the first 175,000 euros of the purchase price. Beyond that, 12.5%.

In Wallonia, a distinction between a reduced diet and a normal diet, depending on the land income of the house. In the case of a reduced plan, registration fees of 6%. For a normal diet, 12.5%.
Each region allows us to benefit from a deduction (slice that does not count for the calculation of registration fees) also varies according to the region: 80,000 euros in Flanders, 20,000 euros in Wallonia and 175,000 euros in Brussels.

This concrete example will help you to better understand: you want to buy a house sold for 200,000 euros.

In Flanders, you will pay 7% registration fee on an amount of 120,000 euros (200,000 euros – 80,000 euros abatement), or 8,400 euros.

In Brussels, it will cost you only 3,125 euros (12.5% out of 25,000 euros (200,000 euros – 175,000 euros in abatement).

In Wallonia, however, you will have to pay 22,500 euros (12.5% of 180,000 euros).

Other fees

In addition to registration fees, you will still need to consider other fees such as notary fees, registry registration fees, and mortgage-specific fees.

How much will all these costs be?

You can still count on a few percents of the purchase price of the house. Make an appointment with our specialists without any commitment. They will calculate all this for you accurately.

How do I collect the amount of the fees?

Banks will assume that you have the capital to pay all these fees. But it’s anything but obvious! How do I raise this amount?

Young people today are living longer and longer with their parents, they have the opportunity to systematically put some money aside.

Young people often receive financial assistance from (grandparents) for the purchase of a house or apartment.

With the help of your independent credit broker: An independent mortgage broker, such as specialists, works with several credit agencies. Some loan agencies also allow you to borrow the costs of your home, which of course greatly increases the possibilities.

Simulation of your mortgage

If you make an appointment with one of our specialists, we will listen to your project first. Do you already have a house in sight? Have you ever signed a compromise? We will then simulate your mortgage. This will give you a personalized idea of your project and allow you to better prepare for your research or the purchase of a home. Look at the map of Belgium to find a Hypothec office in your area.